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Bay Screens and Shades is one of a few companies nationwide to sell and integrate Lutron's Quantum system.

Quantum prevents wasted lighting energy by maximizing the efficient use of light in your building. Quantum automatically dims or switches all electric lighting and controls daylight using automated window shades. Quantum manages, monitors, and reports on all the lighting usage in your building for optimal energy performance and productivity while minimizing maintenance and operating costs.

Quantum saves money and electricity by automatically turning off lights in vacant spaces and optimizing natural and electrical light usage throughout a building. Quantum protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gases by eliminating unnecessary energy use.

More electricity is used for lighting than any other building system. Controlling your lighting is usually the easiest and most visible way to manage your energy costs while enhancing your space.

A typical 50,000 square foot commercial building spends about $45,000 each year on lighting energy. Through optimizing electric light and daylight, Quantum can cut those costs by 60% or more while greatly improving the visual environment.