Solar Screen Shades

 roll star shade

Rolling Solar Screen Shades

Clutch-operated lifting system is standard; motorization is an optional add-on. Fascias and headboxes are available in various sizes. Rollstar roll shades are compact when opened (drawn up). Since the fabric rolls up, the shade does not require the "stacking space" of a traditional folding shade. When the shade is down, the deployed fabric is smooth and uncluttered, providing simple and elegant sun protection and privacy. During the day, the solar-screen fabrics allow a clear view through the window, while blocking the view into the building from outside. In the evening, when the source of light is inside, additional window treatments such as draperies might be needed to provide night-time privacy.

The simple, uncluttered look of this product, its functional advantages, and its cost effectiveness, combined with Castec's superior parts and craftsmanship, make it extremely popular.

Rollstar roll shades can be made for window openings up to 240" wide. If complete blackout is required, the shade can be made in blackout fabric with side and bottom channels and a headbox or fascia.

Folding Solar Screen Shades

Sunstar™ by Castec

sunstar rolling shade

A Sunstar folding shade is finished neatly with a round bottom rail rather than a hem. Lifting cords run from the bottom of the shade through a series of pulleys and cord guides. The cords lift the shade from the bottom, causing the shade to form a series of folds as it rises. Because solar fabrics with vertical seams do not fold neatly, we cannot make the Sunstar folding shade with center panels or center seams. Instead, we railroad the fabric (turn it at a 90 degree angle) and conceal any horizontal seams in the stay pockets.

Sunstar folding shades have no side hems. Because of the quality of the solar fabrics, side seams are not necessary; and the additional thickness might impair the operation of the shade. Both manual and motorized lifting systems are available.

The classic look of a Sunstar shade makes it desirable in situations where some design detail is preferred. Stays running from side to side add structure, giving the shade an "architectural" look. Sunstar folding shades allow a clear view through the window during the day, while blocking the view in from outside. When the window to be covered is very narrow in relation to its height, a Sunstar folding shade is often used as an alternative to a Rollstar roll shade.