Lighting Control

Having the ability to create a range of light levels throughout your workspace, rather than turning your lights completely on, adds convenience and creates ambiance while saving energy.

Most buildings today are over-lighted because there is enough daylight in the space; or lights are set to a higher level than needed for the people inside; or spaces are lighted even though they are unoccupied. This wastes energy, creates discomfort, and reduces productivity.

Bay Screens and Shades is here to bring you new and innovative products that provide those benefits to your home.


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Once reserved only for new construction, a HomeWorks® whole-building lighting control system, can be installed in older and historic buildings as well as additions or renovations.

A HomeWorks® system provides convenient, intelligent, and sophisticated control of a buildings interior and exterior lighting.


GRAFIK Eye QS is a light control system with a powerful internal computer that provides manual and automatic control of lights, shades, A/V equipment and HVAC equipment. It allows you to increase comfort and productivity while saving considerable amounts of energy.

What are the benefits of GRAFIK Eye QS?

  • describe the imageImprove comfort and productivity - Ensure that right visual environment for any activity and boost productivity by 5%-10%.
  • Save energy and comply with codes - Reduce lighting energy use up to 60% with integral astronomic time clock, occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors.
  • Complies with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007, IECC, and California Title 24 energy codes
  • Simplify design and integration - Connect directly to Sivoia QS shades, occupancy sensors, keypads, EcoSystem or Hi-lume 3D ballasts
  • Integrate with A/V, HVAC, and other systems
  • Enhance flexibility and scalability - Reconfigure easily to meet the changing needs of a project or space
  • Add QS or EcoSystem components to grow the size and capabilities of the system, or add Quantum for total light management of an entire building or campus.