Lutron Coulisse Collection

Posted by Greg Amato on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

Introducing the Lutron Coulisse Collection 

Bay Screens and Shades

The Beauty of High-Fashion Design Meets the Innovation of Motorized Window Treatments

coulisse collection shades lutron

Bay Screens and Shades is proud to announce its newest and most exciting product from Lutron Electronics and Coulisse - The Lutron Coulisse Collection. Oriented on design and innovation, the collection includes more than 700 types of high-fashion fabrics and materials for roller shades, honeycomb shades, innovative pleated fabrics and a variety of materials for Venetian blinds. 

The collection was created in conjunction with the Coulisse design team, and is based on an inspiration process in which the latest trends in homes and buildings, fashion designs, and timeless, classic patterns merge into a renewed, contemporary look in shading and interior design. The Lutron Coulisse Collection combines the functional, technological and innovative aspects of shading with design and style, answering key needs of interior designers and architects alike for new decorative possibilities in interior shading.

The Lutron Coulisse Collection

The collection is presented in four books, each representing a unique look and atmosphere.

  1. Elegance- the micro designs are inspired on classical fashion patterns, which have been renewed for a contemporary and sophisticated look in interior design.


  2. Bold- a daring statement with expressive fashion design for roller shade fabrics


  3. Tranquil- a timeless natural atmosphere is created with natural and linen-look fabrics


  4. Impact- apart fromin addition to a variety of materials for 2-inch Venetian blinds, called XL Venetian, which includes wood, leather and metallic colors, this collection offers honeycomb fabrics as well as a range of exceptional pleated fabrics, called XL Pleat. With their extra-wide 2-inch pleat, these unique fabrics, which are entirely new to the US automated shades market, create a grand look for the window.


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